YYC DataCon

March 17/18, 2023

A YYC Data Society initiative

Discover Calgary's thriving data science scene with 2 days of talks and networking.
Live and in person at the Calgary Central Library

This event is over for this year, but keep an eye out for news about next year!
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Featured talks

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Real content. Real people. Real experiences.

Who are we? We are your coworkers. We are your local thought leaders. We are innovators just like you. We aren't here to sell you on recycled AI fluff: we promise real people doing real data science. We are the YYC Data Community. 

Art Gallery (Continued)

March 18, 2023, 05:30 PM

Discovery Showcase
Panel: Diversity in Data Science (Continued)

March 18, 2023, 05:30 PM

Mariana de la Torre Kylie Woods Shari Graydon Anna Garleff Tomi Ajele
Promotion of the DS Program(s) at the U of Calgary (MDSA + DS Major)

March 17, 2023, 07:00 PM

Jim Stallard Usman Alim
Closing Remarks

March 17, 2023, 10:30 PM

Discovery Showcase

With multiple experts, the tactics you need are just a click away

Our experts will be sharing their years of knowledge, strategies and insight. Whether you're tuning state of the art deep learning models or just wondering how AI will transform your industry, our experts have the answers you're looking for

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