Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

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Tomi Ajele

Editor-in-chief, Afros In Tha City

Usman Alim

Co-director of the Data Science and Analytics Professional Program, University of Calgary

AltaML Associates


Wish Bakshi

Principal Data Scientist Commodities, Capital Power

Vishal Balashankar

Data Scientist, Cybera

Jacqueline Bilston

Software Developer, Yelp

Rick Bird

CEO, Thin Air Labs

Anton Biryukov

Senior Data Scientist, Ramp

Byron Chu

Data Science Program Manager, Cybera

Annette Cooper

Director Data and Analytics, Graham

Trudy Curtis

CEO, PPDM Association

Mariana de la Torre

Senior Information Architect, Johnson and Johnson

Lauren Dwyer

Academic Chair, SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology

Diane Fenton

Director, Data Science, RBC

Anna Garleff

Organizational Psychologist, BitWise MnM Inc

Danielle Gifford

Executive Director, Movement51

Drew Gillson

Manager, AI & Analytics, Global Center of Excellence at Google Cloud

Alex Gobolos

Solutions Engineer, Dataiku

Shari Graydon

Informed Opinions, Catalyst & CEO

Ryan Kazmerik

Director, Data Science, StellarAlgo

Laura Keating

Decision Analyst, Conservation and Science, Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo

Alan Kelly

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Bode

Blaine Kovacik

Client Executive, VEERUM

Adrian Leung

Product Operations Manager, ATB Financial

Jenny Lien

Data Science Manager, AltaML

Patrick Marchand

Principal Consultant, Improving

Dr. Ty McKinney

CEO & Co-founder, 8 Bit Cortex

Stacey McLennan-Waldal

Senior Manager - Advanced Analytics, Advisory, PwC

Andrew Nippard

Director of Data & Analytics, Neo

John O'Gorman

Semantium, Inc., Semantium, Inc.

Jon Olsen

CEO, Olsen Consulting

Pedro Pichatelli

Data Platform Lead, Neo

Kris Read

Co-Founder, Neo Financial

Ben Reeves

Founding Director, YYC Data Society

Noha Salem

Manager, Data and Analytics, PWC

Atefeh Shahroudnejad

Associate Machine Learning Scientist, AMII

Francina Sharma

Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Blackline Safety

Discovery Showcase

YYC Data Convention

U of C Actuarial & Data Science Society


Chris Sorensen

Founder and President, Iteration Insights

Jim Stallard

Professor (Teaching), Co-Director, Master of Data Science and Analytics Program, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Eleni Stroulia

Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

Joel Tousignant-Barnes

Director, Data Science, RBC

Katie Underwood

Product Manager, Thin Air Labs

Rob Van Wielingen

President & CEO, Viewpoint Investment Partners

Jen Wei

Senior ML Engineer, VEERUM

Kylie Woods

Founder and Executive Director, Chic Geek

Amir Zahreddine

Data Engineer, Consultant, MSc Data Science Student