Ben Reeves

Founding Director, YYC Data Society

About this speaker

Ben Reeves is one of the founding directors of the YYC Data Society and the SVP of Data Science and Engineering at Viewpoint Investment Partners. Like many of Calgary's data leaders, he began his career in the energy space, running and optimizing mission critical cloud SCADA software and big data systems. After gaining experience applying predictive analytics and emerging artificial intelligence technologies in engineered systems, he took his talents to the financial industry. He joined the startup investment management company Viewpoint Investment Partners as the technical lead and has since built the engineering and data science infrastructure powering their global macro, quantitative investment strategies. Through all of this, he has dedicated his evenings and weekends to building a better data economy in Calgary, hoping to empower more people to take their engineering and/or data skills to the tech industry.


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Data Science

Data Engineering

Machine Learning