Francina Sharma

Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Blackline Safety

About this speaker

Francina Sharma (PhD MCSE), Director, Blacklinevision, leads the Business intelligence team at Blackline Safety, a company that is focused on ensuring that every worker returns home safe, is a world leader in connected safety solutions and is well poised to launch accelerated solutions to future demands in industrial safety and compliance. She has experience building and leading scientific and technical teams from the ground up, focusing on transforming business requirements to leveraging data-driven actionable insights that identify new targets and monitor safety & compliance in clinical trials, health, and tech operations

Dr. Sharma has 24 years of combined experience in in academia, cancer biopharmaceuticals, core IT and business operations, previously employed at STARS as Director, Business Intelligence, and Insights, at Viventia Biotech Inc. as Director, Target Discovery, at Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc. as Director, Analytical Development, Business Intelligence Analyst at Alta Genetics Inc. to mention a few. Dr. Sharma has a particular interest in the role that data plays in shaping and forecasting patterns innate to the dataset employed that is very commonly missed when not viewed with the right perspective and selective application tools.


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