Dr. Ty McKinney

CEO & Co-founder, 8 Bit Cortex

About this speaker

Dr. McKinney is completing his PhD at the University of Utah on using brainwave technology and advanced statistics in mental health assessment. This enabled Dr. McKinney to study many different aspects of brain health, ranging from sleep to the benefits of being in nature. His academic expertise is complimented by over 8 years of experience promoting innovative neuroscience research and communicating its impact to the community through his role as Research Director for Branch Out Neurological Foundation. Since completing his PhD, Dr. McKinney has been building his startup company, 8 Bit Cortex to gamify engagement surveys and create engaging data driven educational experiences on brain health. When not thinking about the brain, Ty can be found exploring nature, connecting with Alberta’s growing tech ecosystem, or planning his inevitable transition to living in a tiny home in either Scandinavia, the Utah dessert, or the Canadian Rockies.


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