Trudy Curtis

Decoupling Data and Technology

A Talk by Trudy Curtis (CEO, PPDM Association)

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Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk about Data, Tech strolls into the room, makes itself comfortable and then, without any apparent effort, takes over the agenda? Before you know it, a talk about Data becomes a discussion about which is the best Tech. Technology is intended to be agile; it should be developed and deployed swiftly as our drive to better analysis, analytics, efficient workflows, and profit margins demands. The ability to adopt and leverage new technology swiftly can separate successes and failures.

Data, by contrast, benefits us through stability. As a long-term asset, data is expected to not only survive the manipulations of technology, well meaning users and disjointed processes without attenuation of content or context, but to transcend these tribulations. Still, it’s easy to lose focus on day-to-day data management in favor of the glamour, glitz and gimmicks of technology. Even data standards development tends to focus on the technologies used to contain data, or those that transfer data from container to container.

This talk will focus on why Data shouldn’t be dependent on Tech. Data must be technology neutral – let’s talk about why that is, and how we can get Data to the table for some serious conversations.

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Trudy Curtis

Trudy Curtis

CEO, PPDM Association

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