Vishal Balashankar Byron Chu

Dockerizing and Deploying your First Generative AI model

A Talk by Vishal Balashankar and Byron Chu

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About this Talk

Building on the excitement around Generative AI models, Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab team will provide a hands-on demonstration on deploying your first text-2-img pre-trained language model application using a Hugging Face Diffusers library. The demonstration will be done on a remote server using VSCode, while building an inference API using FastAPI and a client-facing interface serving Streamlit using containerization practices. The presentation will highlight the need for incorporating ML deployment principles much earlier in the model development life cycle to ensure a model that is robust and flexible for a wide range of applications.

About The Speakers

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Vishal Balashankar

Vishal Balashankar

Data Scientist, Cybera

Byron Chu

Byron Chu

Data Science Program Manager, Cybera

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