Eleni Stroulia

Opportunities and Challenges of Data Across Disciplines

A Talk by Eleni Stroulia (Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta)

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In December 2019, the UofA launched AI4Society as one of its five Signature Areas, conceived to take a holistic approach to the study of AI, including designing new data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms, and developing appropriate computational platforms to implement them in real-world use cases, with awareness of the ethical concerns around data collection, and accountable and fair analysis. Since then AI4Society has seeded a number of interdisciplinary collaborations in a number of areas, such as manufacturing and construction, health, energy and clean technologies, business and finance, and education. In this presentation, I will talk about some of these initiatives and I will explain the role and the potential of data in each case.

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Eleni Stroulia

Eleni Stroulia

Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

Software Engineering, Web Services, Internet of Things, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Service Science, Virtual Worlds, Mobile Apps, Model-driven Engineering, eHealth, Cognitive and Mental Health

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