Alan Kelly

How to Sell a Home Using Data

A Talk by Alan Kelly (Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Bode)

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There are no opinions in real estate data: transparent access to information is disrupting the industry. For many years, finding out what the home down the street sold for was privileged information. You needed to engage with an agent to get the comparables to help you set a price or offer on a home. Many are guided or mis-guided by opinions they hear from agents or commentators in the media. Thanks to legislation and the advent of technology, sold data has become public domain. It’s never been easier to access accurate real estate data online to find out what’s happening in the market. There are no opinions in real estate data - just the facts. There isn’t one real estate market in Calgary. There are actually 197 different neighborhood markets in the city and what’s happening in one neighborhood isn’t necessarily what’s happening in another. Then, add the different variables of property type, year it was built, number of bedrooms and baths. Information overload? Not for the team at Calgary’s Bōde Canada. Since 2019, they’ve been building and iterating on the most technologically advanced prop tech platform using data, transparency and homeowner empowerment as key company values. In this day and age, consumers are smart enough to use online tools to research, price, offer, buy and sell a home all online, without the need for an agent. Hear how this Calgary startup has democratized real estate data for the public to empower their confident decision-making while buying or selling a home. With customer success and useability at the forefront of its business model, hear how Bōde is disrupting Canada’s real estate industry in the process.

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Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Bode

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