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Courses in the University of Calgary Master of Data Science and Analytics program have an emphasis on project work. Come see what the students are working on!

Project Titles

  1.  “Exploratory Data Analysis of Airbnb Data”, Ibtassam Rasheed, Imad Ahmed, Yip Chi Man.
  2. “Global Temperature Changes”, Sarah Li, Jasmeen Sekhon, Davneet Saran.
  3. “Trends from successful YouTube channels for new Youtubers! (A Data driven approach)”, Devanshi Patel.
  4. “Deer Mouse - Species Variability Factors”, Maciej Pecak, Ewa Rambally.
  5. “How much does Terry really love yogurt? A word-by-word analysis of Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, Sarah (Sijing) Li.
  6. “Canada's Farm Product Price Index”, Onur Taylan Cicek, Alister Christopher, Madison Proulx, Khushi Himanshu Dave.
  7. “Sales of Summer Clothes through E-commerce site Wish in July 2020 in the United Kingdom”, Zishan Visram, Daksh Patel.
  8. “Gender Wage Gaps in Canada”, Maazullah Khan.
  9. “End-Stage Kidney Disease and Kidney Transplants Analysis”, Daksh Patel, Monica Chandramurthy
  10. “Traffic Management and Safety Analysis in Calgary: Insights from Traffic Incident, Camera, and Signal Datasets”, Raj Bhanvadia, Prashant Mittal, Soma Dipti.

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Discovery Showcase

Discovery Showcase

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